Sailing SoundWave

Cruising the East Coast and Islands


We bought SoundWave in Tampa, Florida in Nov. 2018.   Since then we have traveled  . . . 

Our favorite plan is to sail when the wind is in our favor . . . it is free energy.
Nights in marinas are similar in costs to hotel rooms.  Our preference is to sleep on the anchor or to tie to a mooring ball.  Balls are typically $25 per night.


Nautical Miles


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Nights in Marinas


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Way Points

We have enjoyed the small towns and big cities of the East Coast during our summer 2019 cruise.  These are just a few of the highlights. 

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Docked at Penn's Landing for July 4th festivities.  The perfect place to watch fireworks, tour the city and learn about our nation's independence!  

New York

What an incredible experience to cruise the Hudson and East Rivers surrounding Manhattan Island.  

Newport, RI

This town loves watching sailboats . . . and there are more here than any other place we have seen!

Annapolis, MD

Home of the US Naval Academy, the US Sailboat Show and Power Boat Show.  October is the time to be here!

Beaufort, NC

A favorite pirate town where dogs and dolphins like to play.   The waterfront is great for people watching.

Oriental, NC

Our hailing port and second home town.  This tiny sweet village is the Sailing Capital of North Carolina.

West Palm Beach, FL

We ended up here because we needed a place to leave the boat for extended travel inland.  It has been the perfect spot to call home.  The palm trees, aquamarine water and cool breezes make it feel like an oasis.

San Antonio, TX

2020 has been a strange year.  Instead of cruising to the Bahamas, we spent that time prepping for breast cancer surgery, which led us to five weeks in San Antonio.  It is also where we first encountered the Coronavirus season.  Bonus: San Antonio has palm trees, too!

Dolphins Swimming Around Us

The ICW, Indian River, Florida


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