SoundWave is hull #70
Wing Keel with a 5' Draft

Catalina 445

Our son, Charlie, not only got us on the sailing kick, but he came up with the name SoundWave, too.  He combined Chip's audio career and love of music with our local sailing waters . . . the sounds of NC.

Every boat is a compromise.  Each one will have some of the elements you want for sailing/living while lacking others that you deem important.  After 8 boats of wishing we had things such as AC, a shallower keel, a generator, bow thrusters, etc. we finally don't really have any wants.  We are blessed!

Her History

Original Owners

SoundWave was first seen by the original owners, Chris and Robin Lerb at the 2011 Miami Boat Show. They wanted her, but held off on such a luxurious purchase. Approximately six months later they made the deal and took ownership. It is said that when you buy a used boat you are really buying how the owners treated it and these people were the BEST owners. What they did to customize Cerulean, as they named her, was perfect! Robin had a knack for organizing each little tiny space and she and Chris kept the boat in immaculate condition. After six years they retired from sailing and she was purchased by us.

Now She is Ours

We took possession in October 2018 and renamed her SoundWave. We had previously owned a Catalina 400 named SoundWave, but she was destroyed in hurricane Florence in that same year.  We had planned to retire on the 400, but had always wanted a 445.  It was a shock and then a blessing to loose one Catalina and get a newer one.

After loosing the 400 we made an offer on the 445 sight unseen.  The photos were enough for us!  Once the deal was done we sailed her from Tampa, FL all the way down to Key West and back around Florida up to Oriental, NC. 

A candid photo of the salon . . . that is the nautical term for Living Room :)

Boat Specs

~44.5’ long with a 14’ width and 6’ 5” headroom 
~64.5' mast height that barely fits under ICW bridges
~Large aft cockpit with folding table, 2 large bench seats, 2 raised rear observation seats
~Dual helm, auto pilot
~Sugar scoop aft platform and swim ladder with hot/cold shower
~Dinghy davit systems that lowers
~In mast furling sail and 135 Genoa sail plus spinnaker
~Master V-Berth (queen bedroom)
~Aft Berth (double bed)
~Tech Room (a walk-in garage that is converted to a bunk bedroom on some models)
~Salon with U shaped banquette seating and table (converts to a large bed)
~Another sofa that converts to 2 captain’s chairs and small table
~Navigation Station
~Kitchen with small fridge, freezer, microwave, 3 burner gas stove/oven and double sink
~Generator, AC/Heat, water maker, radar, and bow thrusters
~3 water tanks and 2 holding (waste) tanks
~66 gal Fuel tank
~6 Knots is our typical speed when sailing, motor sailing, or motoring.   

Echo the Dragon

Basically, this is our "car" 

Gig Harbor custom made this 12' sailing dinghy for us.  When you live on a boat and anchor away from a dock you need a way to get to shore.  The dinghy is the answer.  It is sort of like having a car.  It's Chip's favorite boat of all time!

Echo Sails

Echo has a Sloop Rig Sailing Package that turns her into a speedy 4 knot sailboat.

Picking Up Friends

Chip rows to the public park near LaGuardia Airport to pick up friends who flew in for the weekend.

Echo Going To Bed

Once in a while Echo spends the night on the water behind us.  At the end of the day her sails are furled and tucked away for the night. ​​​​​​​

Echo with "2 Horse Power"

Usually, we use Echo as our main transportation off of SoundWave when we go ashore.  We also just row for fun and for exercise.

Echo hangs from a Davit System

Echo is attached to a strong davit system that lets us raise and lower her as needed. Here she is lowered almost to the water in the Manteo Waterfront Marina. ​​​​​​​

Rain in the Dinghy

Sometimes Echo is tied behind us in the water. Usually, if we know we are going somewhere later. This day it was to a fancy restaurant, but it rained first . . . had to bail out the water before we could leave . . . classy :) ​​​​​​​